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Back by popular demand

Choreography, text, performance: Ima Iduozee
Lighting design: Ville Seppänen
Sound design: Kasperi Laine
Dramaturgical support: Erno Aaltonen
Directional support: Akse Pettersson
Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Ima Iduozee
Premiere: 23.11.2016 Zodiak Stage, Helsinki
Co-producer of the premiere: Tero Saarinen Company
Photo: Uwa Iduozee

Post-performace discussion on Mar 27.
Pre-talk on Mar 28 at 18:15–18:45

Tickets: 27,50/20,50/16,50 €

Duration: 45 min


Tue 27.3. 19:00
Wed 28.3. 19:00

Ima Iduozee: The Body Of Work (2018)

Do you think William Thompson has a soul? Or has he been pitched out, scooped-out, de-souled, by disease?

Ima Iduozee’s The Body Of Work examines matters of identity through a fictional self-portrait. William Thompson, the protagonist of the play, has lost his memory and now creates his personal history in the present moment. His lack of history provides a platform for a search for new ways of existence beyond learned categories.

Inspired by the case of stories of Oliver Sacks in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Iduozee creates a tragicomic solo work that questions our notions of identity. The work premiered in November 2016 in Zodiak, with 7 sold out performances.