TALK is a workshop method for language learning developed by Zodiak – Centre for New Dance. The workshops are instructed by dance artists, and they introduce action- and movement-based methods for language learning. We offer teacher training and TALK sessions for students.

The aim of TALK training for teachers is to introduce action- and movement-based learning methods to language teachers. In the TALK method, language learning is approached using all senses, games and play in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that supports learning.

Movement-based activities can be used to learn new language lessons or to revise the old. The activities are also good for improving pronunciation and listening comprehension as well as activating and motivating the groups and building interest in the language and the culture being studied.

In TALK training, participants get to try physical/body-based language learning through movement. The training begins with a practical workshop session given in a language that is unfamiliar to as many participants as possible. This is done to give the course participants a genuine experience of learning something new and to make it easier to assume the position of the student.

In addition to activities prepared in advance, the training focuses on the ability to direct movement-based activities and to invent new activities through group work. The training is an excellent way to leverage functional, active learning methods encouraged in most curricula.

The training is available in seven different languages (English, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Finnish learned as second language), and it can be arranged for single-language groups or groups of teachers of different languages.

The training can be arranged at the customer’s premises or at Zodiak in Helsinki. A space suitable for movement-based activities equipped with a video projector is required. Participants are requested to wear clothing that is comfortable for movement-based activities.

NOTE: The training is also available in the form of remote training sessions through Zoom.


  • foreign language teachers
  • teachers of Finnish as second language (S2)
  • preparation class teachers
  • first language, home language and maintenance language teachers
  • teachers of special groups
  • update training for language teachers to build resources for language-enriched classes and early language learning
  • VESO training days for teachers