TALK is a workshop method for language learning developed by Zodiak – Centre for New Dance. The workshops are instructed by dance artists, and they introduce action- and movement-based methods for language learning. We offer teacher training and TALK sessions for students.

Zodiak’s TALK language workshops are language learning through activities and movement. Language learning is approached using all senses through games and play in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that supports learning.

The TALK method can be used for:

  • learning new language lessons or revising the old
  • practicing pronunciation and listening comprehension
  • activating the learners to group and solo work
  • motivating and building interest in the foreign language and the culture being learned
  • combining language and physical education

Workshop tasks depend on the skill level of the participants and may include tasks and themes such as greeting, introducing oneself, prepositions, local cases, verb forms, interrogative clauses, word order and numerals. Movement-based exercises are excellent for learning new vocabulary and as aides for text production.

Workshops can be used to revise lessons already practised or to learn new content. The method is ideal especially for beginners and for learning new vocabulary. Many learners have reported that the method has encouraged them to use the foreign language more often and has helped them memorise the vocabulary.

The workshop is available in the following languages:

  • Finnish as a second language (S2 groups, preparatory classes, immigrant language learning for different age groups)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • English