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Choreography, dance: Anne Hiekkaranta
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Sound design: Tuomas Fränti
Photos: Timo Wright
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Anne Hiekkaranta

Post-performance discussion 10.9.

Tickets: 22/14 €

Double-bill evening with
Joona Halonen: Nolla Nolla
Duration of the evening: 1 h 45 min.


4.9.2014 19:00 Premiere
6.9.2014 15:00
7.9.2014 15:00
9.9.2014 19:00
10.9.2014 19:00
12.9.2014 19:00
13.9.2014 19:00
14.9.2014 15:00
16.9.2014 19:00
17.9.2014 19:00

Performance archive 2014 Anne Hiekkaranta: Conus Marmoreus!!!

26 pages, 121 frames and 239 movements. Great emotions, treachery, conflict – and a wonderful scenery!

Anne Hiekkaranta's contemporary dance piece Conus Marmoreus!!! is a kinetic journey through the cartoon classic Magica de Spell's Enchanted Sea Snails. What results of a collision of contemporary dance and comic book imagery?

The original comic is a suspense story that centres on the rare conus marmoreus, ‘marbled cones’, and the spirit of the marbled but predatory sea snails is never far in Hiekkaranta's performance! Squeak! Poofff...