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Concept and direction: Anni Klein & Jarkko Partanen
Choreography: working group
Performers: Hanna Ahti, Wilhelm Grotenfelt, Samuli Laine, Aksinja Lommi
Lighting and spatial design: Samuli Laine
Sound design: Heidi Soidinsalo
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Anni Klein, Jarkko Partanen
Residency: Kanuti Kildi SAAL (Tallinna)
Photo: Samuli Laine

Post-performance discussion 30.10.

Tickets: 22/14 €

The performance is not suitable for children and it contains strong smells and lights.


24.10.2014 19:00 Premiere
26.10.2014 15:00
28.10.2014 19:00
29.10.2014 19:00
30.10.2014 19:00
8.11.2014 19:00
11.11.2014 19:00
12.11.2014 19:00
15.11.2014 15:00

Performance archive 2014 Anni Klein, Jarkko Partanen: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is dirt and dancing in various forms.
Dirty Dancing is foul stench and incredible beauty.
Dirty Dancing is a strange orgy.
Dirty Dancing is making a mess.
Dirty Dancing is cleaning up.
Dirty Dancing is stained pop.
Dirty Dancing is hedonism.
Dirty Dancing is pastel tones.
Dirty Dancing is sensitive and majestic.
Dirty Dancing is death.

Most of the workgroup has collaborated with each other previously in productions such as CMMN SNS COMPLEX (2013), DIG MY JOCKEY – Live version (2013), Heidi Klein (2012) and Commando Piece a.k.a. Space Invaders (2012). They are united by their interest in developing the artistic dialogue that has opened between them.