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Choreography: Carl Knif
Text: Carl Knif, Kristofer Möller
Dance: Eero Vesterinen, Carl Knif
Lighting and set design: Jukka Huitila
Sound design: Janne Hast
Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Production: Carl Knif Company, Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Photo: Yoshi Omori

Pre-talk on 1.10. 18:15-18:45.
Post-performance discussion on 7.10.

Duration: 40 min. Duration of the double-bill 1 hrs 30 min.

Tickets: 23/15 €

Double-bill evening with
Ninu Lindfors:
Come Undone


29.9.2016 19:00 Premiere
1.10.2016 19:00
2.10.2016 15:00
4.10.2016 19:00
5.10.2016 19:00
7.10.2016 19:00
8.10.2016 19:00
9.10.2016 15:00

Performance archive 2016 Carl Knif: The emotional life of a dog / what my father said

The emotional life of a dog / what my father said is motion-based study of fathers and sons and the complex, often complicated relationships between children and parents.

The performance investigates how emotions are born and how emotional patterns are passed from one generation to the next. It examines the journey of finding oneself and letting go of the customary ways and models.

 – I often think of my parents, yet the relationship with one's own parents becomes more distant with age. How to live with this contradiction? One day my father will die, and I will be left alone in the world. How to find a deeper connection with him before it is too late? The title of the performance, The Emotional Life of a Dog, is a reference to my father's dog, which I use to reflect on his choices and his way of living.

In his latest performances, choreographer and dancer Carl Knif has combined movement and text in a highly personal way. In the new duet The emotional life of a dog / what my father said, Knif shares the stage with another master of motion, dancer Eero Vesterinen.