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Photo: Kati Raatikainen


20.9.2019 19:00 21.9.2019 10:00 22.9.2019 15:00

Local Landscapes Festival

– Festival of local performances

Local Landscapes Festival, taking place in September 2019 in Tapulikaupunki, focuses on walking performances. The festival features three performances and a seminar dedicated to the theme.

When we walk, we became part of locations, streets and routes, and take part in the movement of the performance through our own bodily experience. The seminar discusses the artistic practice involved in creating walking performances, and the potential of such perfromances to highlight ecological issues and experiences of involvement.

The festival opens on September 20th with the premiere of the sound work Traces/Tapulikaupunki by Petra Vehviläinen and Aino Juutilainen. It is a performance that aims to map the traces we leave in our environment and the traces that our environment leaves in us. It explores our interaction with the environment around us, aiming to tune into an ecological sensitivity, creating a sense of belonging and being able to influence the spaces that we inhabit.

Traces/Tapulikaupunki is an instalment in a 14-part series of sound works that spreads across Helsinki during 2019–2021. The work is produced by Circus Maximus, and the project is supported by Kone Foundation.

On Saturday after the seminar, the programme continues with the first performance of In the Hood (working title). it is an experiential walking piece guided by local residents. Over the course of the walk, historical events and special places intertwine with personal memories and forms of physical closeness. The walk is created by choreographer Kati Raatikainen, respecting the stories and the experiences of the guides and the local residents.

The festival closes on Sunday with Riina Hannuksela’s Sharing. This work is a proposal for something to come. Instead of presenting us with what we have now, the walk delicately explores what we might have tomorrow. Sharing is quieting down and listening to the presence of others and your walk together. During the piece we will prepare a meal and share it in location X.

The whole festival, produced by Zodiak, is free of charge.

Local Landscapes is a part of a joint three-year project – Valokeilassa koillinen – by Helsinki City Theatre, Zodiak, North Helsinki Band School and Theatre Tuike. The project is supported by the City of Helsinki.