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Choreography, sound design, visual concept: Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi, Ruairí Donovan, Cathy Walsh
Performing: Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Ruairí Donovan, Jassem Hindi, Justus Pienmunne (TeaK), Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Aino Voutilainen, Cathy Walsh
Lighting desing: Heikki Paasonen
Landscape painter: Lotta Esko
Production assistant: Alli Mattila
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi
Sponsors: R-Collection, Tikkurila
Photos: Timo Wright, Jassem Hindi

Post-performance discussion on 18.3.

Duration: app. 2 h

Not suitable for children. Flowers will be used in the performance.

Tickets: 23/15 €


13.3.2015 19:00 Premiere
15.3.2015 15:00
17.3.2015 19:00
18.3.2015 19:00
21.3.2015 15:00
22.3.2015 15:00
24.3.2015 19:00
25.3.2015 19:00
26.3.2015 19:00

Performance archive 2015 Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi, Ruairí Donovan, Cathy Walsh: Meadow, meadow, meadow

Meadow, meadow, meadow is a triptych by choreographers Elina Pirinen and Maria Saivosalmi, French – Palestinian performance artist Jassem Hindi and Irish theatre artists Ruairí Donovan and Cathy Walsh.

A dance that is an axe for the frozen sea inside us, relentlessly making ritual objects for a tribe that doesn’t exist, a lingering sentence on one horse and seven hearts, a fanfare heralding a renewed ethos of intimacy.

Together with lighting designer Heikki Paasonen, the heralds and a surprise ensemble founded for the triptych create a delicate avalanche of peculiar bodies, voices and landscapes. The weight carried is the perception of all that is essential for the human condition, like a slow storm in the solar plexus.