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Meet the artists: Sapiens

Kuva: Markku Maalismaa

21.9.2019 14:45 26.10.2019 20:45 16.11.2019 20:45

Meet the artists: Sapiens

The homo sapiens is a storyteller; the humanity has shaped its development and history through narratives. Zodiak and arts collective W A U H A U S have invited two experts to discuss the themes evoked by Sapiens – The story of a storytelling species. The discussions take place on the stage of the National Theatre after each performance.


Saturday 21 September & Saturday 16 November: W A U H A U S meets Elisa Aaltola, adjunct professor and collegium researcher at the University of Turku. Aaltola is a philosopher who specialises in animal and environmental ethics and normative moral psychology. W A U H A U S and Aaltola discuss the human mind, especially the factors that underlie morality.


Saturday 26 October: W A U H A U S meets artist, evolutionary biologist and microbiologist Aura Raulo of Oxford University. Raulo is fascinated by what makes the human being such a contradictory creature. As a scientist, she studies the impact of social contact and isolation to immunity. As an installation artist, she seeks to express how our standing in our social networks and our connections to others define us as individuals.


The discussions between W A U H A U S and the experts are joined by Katja Kirsi, Zodiak’s Head of Outreach and Education. The discussions also function as question and answer sessions with the workgroup. The sessions last 40 minutes (maximum). Staying for the discussion after the performance is optional.