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Zodiak Studio B2

Free admission

Photo: Sanna Käsmä

8.10.2016 12:00 to 17:30

Meet the future of choreography

In October Zodiak's audience has a rare opportunity to meet the future voices of choreography.

The latest graduates from the MA Programme in Choreography at Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, present their thesis works, both artistic and written parts, in Zodiak. Choreographers presented are Soili Huhtakallio, Heli Keskikallio, Leila Kourkia, Veronika Lindberg and Linda Martikainen.                                                            

The artistic parts of the theses are independent works of art. In the written parts, these young artists reflect on the premises of their work and analyze relations between choreography and representation, materiality, temporality and thinking, i.a. The presentations are given in Finnish. 


Soili Huhtakallio
Artistic part: Wind Etude
Written part (transl.): Art is Thinking.

Heli Keskikallio
Artistic part: Mass Thing
Written part (transl.): In the Process of Asking. Reflecting on the Work of a Choreographer, Employing Theory of Representation.

Leila Kourkia
Artistic part (transl.): Sense of Time
Written part (transl.): Sense of Time

PAUSE 14:35–15:15

Veronika Lindberg
Artistic part: Saudade
Written part (transl.): With My Forehead against the Sink. Choreographing Longing.

Linda Martikainen
Artistic part: a/part/ment
Written part (transl.): Choreography and the Materials of a Choreographic Performance