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Walking performance

Choreography & concept: Riina Hannuksela

Photo: Karoliina Korvuo

Free admission

Part of the Local Landscapes Festival


22.9.2019 15:00

Riina Hannuksela: Walk Me Talk Me – Sharing

The third installation of dance artist Riina Hannuksela’s Walk Me Talk Me project, entitled Sharing, is a proposal for something to come. Instead of presenting us with what we have now, the walk delicately explores what we might have tomorrow.

Sharing is quieting down and listening to the presence of others and your walk together. It is drifting together without comparison or contrast; for nothing, against nothing, in an exquisite journey towards a shared existence.

Walk Me Talk Me – Sharing is a participatory walking experience across urban spaces. During the work we will prepare a meal and share it in location X.

Stripped to its fundamental components, Sharing is seconds, minutes and hours spent together – until the walk has been walked, the meal has been prepared and enjoyed, and the dishes have been cleared away.