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Photo: Goodyn Green

Tickets: 7€



10.2.2017 22:00 to 11.2.2017 02:00

Side Step 2017 | Side Step Festival Club



Jam Rostron is the Bolton-born, Berlin-based music producer behind the multimedia recording and performance project Planningtorock. Her third album All Love Is Legal was released in 2014, it is her most explicitly political record yet. Rostron officially changed her first name to the more androgynous Jam (formerly Janine), reflecting the album's a manifesto for transnational gender equality.

Previously Planningtorock has collaborated with The Knife and Mount Sims. The pop-opera, titled Tomorrow, In a Year, is based on Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, performed by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. Planningtorock has written and performed the music for all three pieces of Ian Kaler's o.T. series.

At the Side Step festival club Planningtorock will perform a DJ set. In her music the explicitly gender-challenging voices are nonetheless open-minded and playful, and delivered over deep, dark disco. Planningtorock's eclectic and unpredictable approach to DJing is anything but straightlaced.

Tickets from Tiketti (as a part of Side Step Festival).