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Pia Lindy & Pauliina Kettunen:

Language: Finnish & English

In collaboration with: Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme)

Free admission


2.2.2019 15:30 to 17:30

Side Step 2019 | On Diversity of Gender in Dance And Live Art

The aim of this lecture is to increase awareness and recognition of diversity of gender in different working situations. How to notice and question one’s own prejudices, thinking patterns, expectations or stereotypies? How to reconstruct learnt thinking patterns, question binary structures and gender norms, which keep up discrimination? Who is talking on whose behalf and from which position? What does gender-sensitivity mean in work situations?

In this lecture we discuss concepts like binary structures, gender-normativity, gender experience and go through terminology regarding gender. We will talk about recognition of diversity of gender in work situations. We will also bring up some case examples. The lecture is aimed at dance and live art professionals, and all others interested in the theme.

The lecturers, Pauliina Kettunen and Pia Lindy got to know each other while attending a professional development training for educators organized by Seta - LGBTIA Rights for all, in 2015. The training offered insight into equality and sensivity regarding work encounters and applying LGTBIA-knowhow to different occupational skillsets and work cultures.

Pauliina Kettunen is a dance teacher, dance artist and activist working in the Uusimaa area. Pauliina teaches in the field of basic education for dance in the Northwest of Uusimaa. As an artist Pauliina explores personal and collective matters. Since 2013 she has been active in different LGBTIA-organisations in Finland and also as an educator in various contexts representing Seta - LGBTIA Rights for all. As a teacher, artist and an activist Pauliina aims at promoting equality and encountering people as individuals.

Dancer, choreographer Pia Lindy has worked on solo & group works and collaborative projects with artists and other people in Finland and abroad. She has taught in many educational institutions and outside them and worked with multi-professional teams and organizations. Pia is interested in expectations, values and norms in relation to society, body and art. Her focus has been strongly on improvisation and the process-oriented approach to working, teaching and performing in different environments and contexts. In past years there has been a strong emphasis on supporting diversity and bringing together people with various knowledge and backgrounds.