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Demo performance and discussion

Choreography: Beniamino Borghi
Assistant: Xavier Bambú Locquet Vandenberghe
Performers: The participants of NoCore choreographic workshop
Co-producer: tanssiARTesaani ry.

Photo: Xavier Bambú Locquet Vandenberghe

Duration (demo): 40 min

Free admission


2.2.2019 18:30 to 20:00

Side Step 2019 | NoCore – Reflections

NoCore - Reflections is a performance created during NoCore choreographic workshop by Beniamino Borghi, where the participants, with or without any background in dance, are challenged to move their body and to express their thoughts about masculinity within migration.

tanssiARTesaani wants to bring on stage the results of this community work where men of different age and nationality have gathered with the intention of telling their personal stories and embracing the feelings of other men who are constantly judged by the chauvinist society.

The choreographer, Beniamino Borghi, has explored through this project issues that are present in his life: as Italian based in Finland since 2011, he faces up every day to a cultural and social gap.

NoCore - Reflections is the second version of this project where amateurs dancers have been supported to research their own body language to express themselves with or without words.

The audience can participate actively to the actions of the performers and recognize the difficulty of expressing feelings and emotions in male adults.

tanssiARTesaani is a new dance group based in Loviisa, focusing on multimedia projects, contemporary dance and physical theatre performances with professionals performers as well for amateurs and youngsters.