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Samira Elagoz & Juli Apponen

Photos: Anieka Van Leeuwarden / Monika Sobzak

Free admission


7.2.2019 18:00 to 20:00

Side Step 2019 | Performing trauma

– A dialogue between Samira Elagoz and Juli Apponen on the subject of trauma as material and departure for performance. 

From the experience with their highly personal autobiographical solo performances, issues and structures connected to trauma, and trauma as subject in performance are discussed. The discussion is held in English.

The experience of trauma itself contains complex forms for narrative, restructured chronologies and in an performance context, ethical re-examinations of our positions as performers and audiences. What happens in the meeting with the audience, the public sphere and media?

How do we articulate and structure form for such experiences? Why and in which way do we share these stories? How are they received?