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Doors: 21:30

Pimeä Hedelmä: approx. 22:00
DJ Wekesa: 22:45 - 00:30
Photo: Eva-Liisa Orupõld

In collaboration with: #HCPSPIRIT

Free admission

(Cable Factory)

8.2.2020 21:30 to 9.2.2020 01:00

Side Step 2020 | Closing party - hosted by #HCPSPIRIT

Pimeä Hedelmä & DJ Wekesa

PIMEÄ HEDELMÄ is a three-piece hip hop group founded in 2018. Consisting of two dancer-choreographer-rappers and one composer-producer, PIMEÄ HEDELMÄ relies on bassy, foggy and bouncy tones. The instrumentation introduces grime, modern trap and memphis rap in addition to a futuristic overall sound, while the lyrics originate from a dark mental landscape that addresses the absurdness of life with a twist of irony.

The music of PIMEÄ HEDELMÄ presents an open space of epiphanies and opportunities to its listener. The equation of humor, a critical worldview and a dark, bassy sound forms a combination that glistens vibrantly when performed live. During the Festival Club of Sivuaskel PIMEÄ HEDELMÄ will present a special performance that also includes new, unreleased songs.


Please note! The accessible entrance to the performance is via Tallberginkatu, due to the reparations of the elevator for door B. More info can be found under Accessibility.