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21:00 – Kovaa rasvaa
21:20 – Feminist swearing soiree

Photo (Swearing Soiree): Tomi Palsa

In collaboration with: #HCPSPIRIT

Tickets: 6,50 €

(Cable Factory)

5.2.2020 21:00

Side Step 2020 | F-club – hosted by #HCPSPIRIT

Kovaa rasvaa & Feminist Swearing Soiree

Kovaa rasvaa (Saturated Fat) is a band founded in 2009 in Turku, Finland. They have performed with their short and furious songs in Finland, the Nordic countries, the British Isles, Poland, Germany, the Balkans, Russia, Brazil and the USA. The band has released several recordings as C-tapes and vinyls. At Kovaa Rasvaa’s gig you’ll receive a healthy dose of aggression, which channels energy, sharpens the thought, strengthens the motivation, changes pain into purpose and gives courage.

Kovaa Rasvaa is Kerttu – song, Johanna – guitar, Anne – bass, Otto – drums.

Feeling pissed off? The Feminist Swearing Soiree offers you the possibility to let off gendered steam and to curse the patriarchy. Open mic! Let the gentle embrace of feminism and the certified pain-reducing power of swearing to release and empower you!

The soiree will be hosted by Rosa Meriläinen, Saara Särmä and Johanna Vehkoo, the leaders of the feminist think tank Hattu.


Please note! The accessible entrance to the performance is via Tallberginkatu, due to the reparations of the elevator for door B. More info can be found under Accessibility.