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Michiel Vandevelde

Photo: Clara Hermans

Free admission


1.2.2020 17:30 to 18:45

Side Step 2020 | Lecture: Michiel Vandevelde


Michiel Vandevelde writes:

“In this lecture I will delve into three central notions for my work: reappropriation, layering and alienation. My intent is to reveal the choreographic process of my works through these notions and expand them through rewriting those central notions into other words. As a side note I will also address my curatorial practice in relation to my choreographic work.”

Michiel Vandevelde is a Belgian choreographer, curator and author who has studied dance in P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He creates works for public spaces and theatres in collaboration with performers of different ages and backgrounds. He has explored social phenomena such as mass culture in works including the tetralogy Love Songs (veldeke) (2013), Antithesis, The Future of the Image (2015), Our Times (2016) and Andrade (2017).