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Sound work

Working group: Petra Vehviläinen ja Aino Juutilainen
Production: theatre Circus Maximus (
Supported by Kone Foundation.

Photo: Petra Vehviläinen

Free admission

Part of Local Landscapes Festival


20.9.2019 19:00

Traces / Tapulikaupunki

Traces/Tapulikaupunki is a performance that aims to map the traces we leave in our environment and the traces that our environment leaves in us. It explores our interaction with the environment around us, aiming to tune into an ecological sensitivity, creating a sense of belonging and being able to influence the spaces that we inhabit.

It is available free of charge to everyone, and is available to be experienced individually with earphones at any time. Traces/Tapulikaupunki is an instalment in a 14-part series of sound works that spreads across Helsinki during 2019–2021

For locations and maps, please see:

Traces/Tapulikaupunki is available until the end of 2021, and has duration of 30–40 minutes.