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Zodiak Studio C4

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Photo: Anna Maria Häkkinen

4.10.2016 17:00 5.10.2016 17:00

Z-free: Anna Maria Häkkinen

Z-free is Zodiak's unique event concept where selected artists are given the opportunity to present their working methods, work on their ideas and engage the audience in the creative process. In autumn 2016, a Z-free demonstration is given by Anna Maria Häkkinen.

Anna Maria Häkkinen on her own Z-free session: ‘The operative word is freedom. The objective is a natural, flowing state where movement approaches trance. I have found extreme discipline one way of achiving this ecstatic state. I love Lucinda Childs' choreography in Einstein on the Beach, and I intend to learn it in order to embark on a minimalistic freedom-trip of repetitive dance. I want to find freedom in extreme control, to dance on the black dance floor wearing white, to surrender on the altar of dance. More members will join the workgroup during the Z-free period, and will be introduced to the audience in the October demos.’