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Photo: Jukka Nuutinen

Free admission


15.11.2018 17:00 to 18:30

Z-free: Johanna Nuutinen

ANON – The act of waiting

In her z-free sessions, choreographer Johanna Nuutinen works on her new performance ANON - The Act of Waiting.

In old English, anon means soon.

Johanna Nuutinen's latest production ANON explores emotions ranging from submission, unawareness and uncertainty evoked by waiting through virtuosic dance, space-delimiting cubic stage set and a sound world that utilises the resonations of the space.

ANON – The Act of Waiting also examines the temporary communities created by waiting and the use of power often related to it. Who has the power to make others wait? Who wait?

Waiting is a constant part of our everyday lives. We wait for sleep to come and the bus to arrive; we also wait for test results, the summer, the vacation, other people, birth, death, acceptance. Yet waiting is rarely explored and analysed.

Technological development has made waiting times shorter in many respects, but it has also reduced our patience. While in the past we might have waited for weeks for a letter to cross the ocean, we now become annoyed if powering up the mobile telephone takes more than 10 seconds. But is the ability to wait important for our growth and development of human beings?

Johanna Nuutinen is a dance artist based in Helsinki. She has created art in the shape of films and stage performances since 2011. In her artistic work, she focuses on themes of identity, metamorphosis, durability and duration in contexts that often span several forms of art.

In addition to Nuutinen, the ANON workgroup consists of artists including visual designer Joonas Tikkanen, sound designer Tuuli Kyttälä, dancers Jenna Broas and Oskari Nyyssölä, and dramaturge Miranda Lawrence.

ANON premieres in Theatre Viirus on 22 November, 2018.

Z-free is Zodiak's event concept where selected artists are given the opportunity to present their working methods, work on their ideas and engage the audience in the creative process.