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Concept and initiator: Sara Gurevitsch
Performers: Jenna Broas, Salla Rytövuori, Sara Gurevitsch
Sound design: Tom Lönnqvist
Spatial and lighting design: Sofia Palillo
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu
Producer: Riikka Thitz

Photo: Sofia Palillo

Free admission


18.9.2019 17:00 to 18:30 20.9.2019 17:00 to 18:30

Z-free: Sara Gurevitsch

Z-free is Zodiak's residency concept where selected artists are given the opportunity to present their working methods, work on their ideas and engage the audience in the creative process.

Sara Gurevitsch: ZOE

ZOE explores how experience becomes a continuous event that forms the foundation for the performance. The performers grasp the dynamics of how the experience is formed, as well as internal motions and the choreographic potential of tissues.

ZOE highlights the symbiotic nature of materialities, clinging to observations of experiencing something human and non-human in a lecture-like performance. For the spectator, the performance opens as a set of differently shaped, fundamentally undefined sceneries in a space that is shared.