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Zodiak Studio C4

Free admission

Photo: Shane Solow

24.8.2016 17:00

Z-free: Sari Nordman

Z-free is Zodiak's unique event concept where selected artists are given the opportunity to present their working methods, work on their ideas and engage the audience in the creative process. In autumn 2016, a Z-free demonstration is given by Sari Nordman.

Sari Nordman's new dance piece Tough, Mysterious, Sensitive examines women’s relationship to nature and landscapes. It imagines a place where the presence of goddesses, the supernatural, is real, and explores what it means. We go to war and take part in terror in the name of God – who has, since Greco-Roman times, been portrayed as a male patriarch. Could goddesses perhaps teach us other sensibilities and qualities? Could we see the world through different eyes and be able to restore balance?