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Call for Production Applications

Zodiak holds an open call for production applications once a year.

Call for production applications 2020

Call for production applications for 2020 is now open. The call is open until October 4, 2018. Preliminary applications for 2021 are also taken into consideration.

Zodiak – Center for New Dance is a progressive dance organisation and the most significant production house of contemporary dance in Finland. The mission of Zodiak is to produce, present and promote works of high artistic quality and innovation. Zodiak provides a creative environment and collegial platform for independent dance artists and groups. For the audience, Zodiak offers a versatile program of cutting-edge contemporary dance, events and activities.

The year 2020 will be different from previous years in regarde to performance spaces. Pannuhalli at the Cable Factory wont be available for performance use. Instead, Zodiak will periodically use the Theatre hall in Stoa (Itäkeskus) for large scale performances.

In the future Zodiak will produce 4 to 6 works each year within the frame of Dance House Helsinki (small and/or large stage). In this call we accept also preliminary suggestions for works to be presented in the opening seasons of Dance House Helsinki (2021–2022). Zodiak starts the planning for these seasons for its own part in good time, as the curating for the premiere seasons requires new kind of development work production and contentwise.

Production categories 2020

1) The core of Zodiak's activities is the program of premiere works / new creations, which Zodiak co-produces. Focus is on productions with a bold, movement based and corporeal approach to contemporary dance and the performing arts. Each production is expected to have some other financing in addition to Zodiak's share of costs.

2) In addition to new creations, guest performances of Finnish works are also considered. Due to the limited number of project possibilities, international guest performances or proposals for Side Step Festival are not considered in this process.

3) Proposals for Z-free. Z-free is space for artistic try-outs and meditations, that will also be opened to the audience is a free demonstration session. Z-free concept can also include conversations taking different kind of forms, as well as small scale workshops.

4) Proposals for outreach projects, courses and teachers are also welcome.

Applications guidelines

APPLICATION FORM is open from September 5 until October 4, 2018 here:

Application attachments:

  • project plan, max 3 pages
  • budget
  • curriculum vitaes of the members in the artistic team

Attachments must be sent together with the application form by email. Acceptable attachment file forms are pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx, zip.

If the applicant’s work has never been co-produced by Zodiak before, the sending of work samples is highly recommended. Web videos are preferred, the link should be mentioned in the application form. If videos are not available online, the sample can also be send as a dvd. Dvds must be sent by mail to Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Tallberginkatu 1/154, FI-00180 Helsinki. Work samples must contain the name of the applicant and the work. Work samples are not returned.

Zodiak's production selection for 2020 is made by Zodiak's artistic director Harri Kuorelahti together with Zodiak's artistic team. The applicants are informed by the end of January 2019 by email. The final programming possibly requires some flexibility on the scheduling of productions. Proposals for the opening seasons of Dance House Helsinki can also be made in the next call in September 2019.

Further information:

Artistic director Harri Kuorelahti,