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Making a difference via sensuous knowledge: The Artistic Doctoral Space

by Vida Midgelow (Middlesex University, UK)

Fri 30.8.
Kiasma Foyer

Please see the abstract of Vida Midgelow's key note speach at the website of CARPA6.


Introduction to the Artist-Researchers’ Manifestos and to Artistic Research

by Jane Bacon and Leena Rouhiainen

Sat 31.8.
Zodiak Foyer

The three performances in the program offer utopian manifestos of future artistic doctoral research with a time span of 10-100 years. The invitation to envision the future was offered to three artistic doctoral candidates in dance and performance, one from each country represented in the ADiE project. This introduction shortly introduces the motivation for the assignment and offers insight into the framework of artistic research in UK, Finland and Sweden.


Facilitating Future Doctorates - an interactive installation

by Leena Rouhiainen, Kirsi Heimonen and Johannnes Vartola

Sat 31.8.

The installation offers participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with a set of proposals to further advance artistic doctoral education in dance and performance. The proposals are based on challenges and opportunities that the ADiE project identified in its various investigations. We welcome participants to observe and comment in different ways the displayed visions for the future.


What did my PhD 'do'?:  The impact of doctoral research

by Vida Midgelow

Sat 31.8.
Zodiak Studio C4

Through a series of recorded conversations undertaken by ADiE, the presentation will reveal the impact of doctoral research on the individual researcher, and beyond, to future research and to dance practices. 

These conversations bring together an international collection of artistic researchers to share their personal stories and reflect on the differing ways in which their experience of artistic research has made a difference.  

Such stories are important in assessing the long term effect of the doctorate, providing us with materials (perhaps for the first time) through which we can articulate the value and advocate the benefit of artistic research degree programmes. 


Threading Futures and Manifestos Together – Panel Discussion                         

Vida Midgelow, Juliette Mapp, Ari Tenhula, Facilitated by Jonna Strandberg and Katja Kirsi

Sat 31.8.    

Zodiak Stage


The panel discussion that is threading together the proposal of the Manifestos and the role of artistic research now and in the future. We might get answers to: What can be the next (concrete) steps in the field of the artistic research.


Party with Performing Hel in Circo

Sat 31.8.

Performing arts showcase Performing HEL and Helsinki Festival – the largest arts festival in Finland takes place on the same time than Future Manifestos Event. Welcome to the joined party in Cirko Center for New Circus on Saturday evening.

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