In this workshop we work together to explore ways of letting the brain and body make what it wants to make. This workshop is aimed for all dance professionals and it is a cooperation with Tanssille ry and Entirely Moved | Kaikki Liikkuu ry.

Frauke Requardt:

I have a lived experience of ADHD and I live in a neurodiverse family. Masking difficulties is a common experience for neurodiverse people to the point where it becomes second nature. This can have serious consequences leading to burn-out or simply the pain of never fully being oneself. 

Even though we work in the arts-a place of perceived freedom of expression- we might carry ideas and ideals of what a dance work should be like that doesn’t actually suit our modes of being and doing in the world. 

In this workshop I would like to work together to explore ways of letting the brain and body make what it wants to make. 

This is an experiential workshop which requires you to reflect on and check in with your own experience of being in the world and being a maker.


Frauke Requardt is working on the Fall of 2023 on supporting the process of the piece Dancer with Janina Rajakangas Project at Zodiak and Kiasma. The themes of the workshop are related to the piece.


Frauke Requardt is a German-born, London-based choreographer. Frauke Requardt´s choreographic work is characterised by physically challenging choreography, a strong theatricality, dark humor and an overall sense of surrealism. Together with David Rosenberg she delivers large-scale outdoor dance works for a headphone wearing audience. She also works as an existential psychotherapist in private practice.