The course instructed by Corinne Mustonen indulges the movement by focusing on the joy of dance and its communal nature.

In this course we tune ourselves with physical exercises into a common state of curiosity. Through play and improvisation, we create joint dances and observations. We shake, sway, dance to music, dance without music, wonder, admire each other, sweat and frolic. Basically, we aim to move holistically; inviting all of us to dance. The course is open to everyone, and all exercises can be adapted to the needs of the participants. Together, we strive to create a space free from discrimination, where everyone learns from everyone.

Corinne Mustonen is a freelance dancer and performer living in Helsinki. She loves to dance, and prioritizes equal and ethical work environments. Beside the dancer's job she writes poems and rhymes, plays sports and studies acting in the master's program. Corinne has graduated as a dancer from Stockholm University of the Arts. She has performed among others in the works of Liisa Pentin, Deborah Hay, Ian Kaler, Judith-Sanchez Ruiz, Eleanor Bauer, Mattias Andersson, Sara Grotenfelt and Emmi Venna.


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Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses are mainly instructed by the choreographers and performers of Zodiak’s current and upcoming season’s programme of performances. Indulge the Movement courses are suitable for everyone, and you can participate even without previous dance experience. Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses focus on motion and movement, but they also offer an opportunity to explore different dance practices with alternating instructors.