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Alone or not -project is a co-production by Leena Rouhiainen, Anne Koutonen, Mia Keinänen, Susan Kozel and Samu Mielonen. Photos: Laura Kauppinen.

12.9.2011 to 4.10.2011

Alone or not – perception, body and social media

Alone or not: perception, body and social media is a choreographic frame for creating and exchanging bodily experiences. Participants send short SMS messages or tweets about their movement, actions and perceptions to each other. Together they create a social network of bodily movement that becomes a shared choreography that is documented in Twitter and the projects website.

Owing to technical reasons the SMS message exchange works only through Finnish telephone operators and mobile phone numbers with the country code (+358) that are used in Finland. If you want to join the SMS group you should enroll by the 12th of September 2011 at

You can also participate in the project directly through Twitter:!/alone_or_not.