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Choreography: Joona Halonen
Dance: Arttu Palmio, Dayron Napoles Rubant, Sakari Saikkonen, Guillermo Sarduy, Jukka Tarvainen
Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Lighting design: Hanna Käyhkö
Costume design: Minttu Vesala
Photo: Timo Wright
Production aid: Anne Koutonen
Production: Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Joona Halonen

Post-performance discussion 17.4

Tickets: 22/14 €


10.4.2013 19:00 Sold out Premiere
12.4.2013 19:00 Sold out
13.4.2013 19:00 Sold out
14.4.2013 15:00 Sold out
17.4.2013 19:00 Sold out
19.4.2013 19:00 Sold out
23.4.2013 19:00 Sold out
24.4.2013 19:00 Fully booked
25.4.2013 19:00 Fully booked

Performance archive 2013 Joona Halonen: Straight

Men in a huddle, side by side and surrounded by one another. Action, brutality, vulnerability and disparity.

Joona Halonen’s new group piece Straight is an abstract and humoristically serious playing field for five male dancers. The piece places men as objects and observes masculinity in its various forms – in movement, in thinking and being, and in body language. What can be found in the definition of masculinity?

The piece is performed by a strong, skilled and distinguished male group: Arttu Palmio, Dayron Napoles Rubant, Sakari Saikkonen, Guillermo Sarduy and Jukka Tarvainen. Stylist Minttu Vesala as costume designer accompanies Halonen’s trusted design team.