A festival of local performances in local environments

Siltamäki–Suutarila 24.–27.9.2020

The Local Landscapes festival, now arranged for the second time, opens a view to the suburbs of Helsinki. Local landscapes are explored through the festival’s extensive and versatile program, in which delicate soundscapes and changing sceneries merge with discussions of the relationship between art and the communities.

During the festival the audience is invited to jump to the other side of everyday reality in The Garden of Senses, to witness A Being in a View and to float in a swimming pool surrounded by Soundscapes from the Northeast. A theatre performance created with local teams explores the urban stories of the neighbourhood, while the sound piece From Pig Latin to Siltamäki tunes the imaginations of the spectators to see the everyday scenes in a different way.

The festival program features performances for the entire family, an evening club where drummers accompany dance with scrap metal percussion, and the first instalment of the Art and Community series of lectures.

More information about the festival program will be availble later on. The programme will also be available at www.valokeilassakoillinen.fi/tapahtumat and in all Valokeilassa Koillinen social media channels.

The Local Landscapes festival is part of the Helsinki Model project Valokeilassa koillinen (Focus on Northeast).