This mini-workshop instructed by Linda Blomqvist focuses on and combines technical exercises that explore alignment, balance, momentum, weight, strength and agility with improvisational tasks that encourages us to be receptive, open and to attune with each other, oneself and the space we inhabit.

We will play and move between form and improvisation – enhancing our physical, intuitive and emotional intelligence. We will strive to do this from a place of togetherness, respect and critical thinking, with a starting point from our own very specific abilities and resources. Not striving to fit a mold but to explore the vast potential that each and one of us has. This class is meant to prepare you for the day - however it may unfold. And hopefully also inform and inspire new ventures.

Linda Blomqvist born in Stockholm in 1985 is a choreographer and dancer. Her work aims to expand the notion of choreography with a focus on alternative modes of production, process and practice from a speculative viewpoint taking various forms and expressions. Linda studied dance at The Royal Swedish Ballet School 1995-2004 and at P.A.R.T.S 2008-2010. She’s been working with artists such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mårten Spångberg and Florentina Holtzinger to name a few.

Linda initiated Indigo Dance together with Emma Daniel, Anna Gaiotti and Adriano Wilfert Jensen upon an invitation to curate the “Dance week” at PAF as part of the Summer University 2014. Indigo Dance is a platform for artists with manifestations such as study circles, a festival, tumblr and the publication – The Indigo dance magazine – They come at dawn. These various manifestations aim to find alternative modes of knowledge production and exchange, implying peers teaching peers in the name of curiosity, experimentation and realization of concepts. Indigo Dance holds a space which is supportive and allowing, striving to build a strong discourse around our practice and field. Alongside her dance practice she also practices as a Doula/birth worker. Linda obtained her Doula certificate from FUR doula education in Stockholm 2018.


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The dance artists leading the workshops of the mini-workshop series are visiting Helsinki with the joint Nordic project called Sustainable Dance Training. In addition to Zodiak's workshops, which are open to everyone, they lead morning classes for professionals at Tanssille ry. In the fall of 2023, two workshops of the workshop series will be organized, and in the spring of 2024, one more workshop is planned. Among the project's artists, Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Linda Blomqvist and Daniel Sarr will visit Zodiak. In these workshops, you can dive into dance while working from different perspectives.