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"The workshop brought joy and creativity to my life." (Workshop feedback, 2015)


"You can always try something new in Zodiak, yet you can also rely on the high quality of the courses." (Workshop feedback, 2015)


"Zodiak workshops have opened a new, exciting world for me." (Workshop feedback, 2015)


Contact information:

Outreach and education:
Katja Kirsi
+358 (0)50 343 9302

Course enquiries:
Elina Ruoho-Kurola
+359 (0)50 587 0470


Outreach and education at Zodiak

Welcome to Zodiak’s outreach and education programme!

Movement has a rare quality that allows one to encounter and be present in oneself and in the world.Do not doubt its power.Zodiak courses and outreach programmes give a unique opportunity to experience a sense of movement that unites the body and mind.They offer participants a direct way to experience dance from a personal perspective.A vital element in the facilitation of that experience are the dance artists who run the groups.

Artists have no predetermined formula when they make a new work of art.Similarly there is no predetermined model for encountering people in outreach work.It is an artistic process that redefines itself anew each time and gives individual artists an opportunity to search for and find their own way of working with people.

Katja Kirsi
Outreach and education liaison


Outreach – a path to learn about contemporary dance

Outreach offers a path for learning about contemporary dance, the work of artists, or the theme of a dance piece. It inspires discussion between the audience and contemporary dance professionals, promotes collaboration and gives one a chance to undertake artistic work oneself. The aim is to bring to Zodiak an interested, eager and open-minded audience that can also make its own voice heard. We believe that this will also improve the appreciation of contemporary dance more generally, and allow people to discover the meaning of dance in their own life.

A diverse programme

Workshops, lectures, information, personal experiences, discussions, movement, learning about and through movement, togetherness and joy – all these translate into personal knowledge and experience of contemporary dance. All outreach courses and tailored group events are conducted by contemporary dance professionals.

A programme open to all

The outreach programme in Zodiak is open to everyone. The basic courses can be attended by anyone who is interested in dance. More advanced courses are suitable for people who have dance as a hobby or who have attended courses in Zodiak previously. Group courses and projects are suitable for schoolchildren, students and professional groups – in fact for any group of 10 or more people.

Working with schools, educational institutions and dance institutes, we want to develop methods that support learning and are mutually beneficial. School and student groups are welcome to visit Zodiak to learn about our work and the process of creating a dance piece. Our outreach workshops can be integrated into all sorts of school subjects.

 Why outreach?

  • Outreach and education increase awareness and provide new perspectives on viewing dance
  • Outreach projects are a great way to learn new skills
  • Outreach projects develop one’s creativity
  • Participation in outreach and education promotes social interaction and also offers a way to address personal issues