Do you like floor-work? Would you like to learn techniques that allow you to move fluidly in spirals towards the ground and up lightly, quickly and with joy? Do you like moving in a group and being in the moment? Would you like to learn new tools for group improvisation? Dive into the Passing Through & Flying Low methods with Rebecca Laube-Pohto!

This workshop is for dance professionals and those studying the profession. The workshop focuses more on the Passing Through method as follows: at 11.00-12.00 Flying Low, at 12.00-15.00 Passing Through. Workshops is in Finnish and if needed also in English.

Passing Through method is one kind of group composition or improvised choreography with certain rules/frames inside. Within these frames, there are limitless possibilities and routes. An instant choreography by the group that shapes the space and creates the space. In the workshop, we get to know the PT concept and its parts through various exercises, and we dance together within the concept. We practice e.g. moving on certain routes, being alert/reacting to others while being in one's own movement, being a follower and being followed and shaping the space together. The course gives you new stimulation and ways to move in the space together and separately, and focus on how to become more aware of the space you are in. Developing ones skills to connect to the space around and making spontaneous choices during improvisation. There will most certainly be much dancing and having fun!


Flying Low focuses on the relationship between the dancer and the floor. During the workshop, we go through the movement sequences to be considered when examining the center of the body, examining the external relationship of the joints and moving in space from top to bottom, to the floor and back. Movement sequences always move along certain routes and spirals. The class develops, among other things, physical observation and alertness, awareness of the body, and how to control fast movement. The main themes are contraction and expansion. During the class, we work in a group and practice awareness of the entire field of space: air, floor, energy and movers. 

FL and PT methods/concepts include group work and improvisational exercises.

More about the method developer David Zambrano:

From Passing Through: and from Flying Low:


Rebecca Laube-Pohto is a freelance dance artist, choreographer and dance teacher, as well as co-founder and artistic director of the Keskellä-kollektiivi. Laube-Pohto works as a dance artist in various projects and working groups, as well as a teacher of professional dance classes. Currently, Laube-Pohto is particularly interested in body memory, choreography created in the moment, the study of presence and the connections between people and space. Laube-Pohto has studied the Passing Through (PT) and Flying Low (FL) concept/method under the guidance of their developer David Zambrano since 2016 at various dance festivals and professional workshops, and she has participated in two 4-5 week long FL/PT intensives at TicTac Art Centre, in Belgium (2019 and 2021). In addition, Rebecca has participated in EXIN's PT by 4 intensive in Barcelona (2020) with the teachers Edivaldo Ernesto, Milan Herich, Peter Jasko and Horácio Macuacua, who worked closely with Zambrano, and has also studied the FL method since 2014 under the guidance of Peter Jasko and Milan Herich. In Finland, Laube-Pohto has participated in the organization of Tanssille Ry's open training circles in the field of PT, as well as taught FL&PT classes and workshops for dance professionals in Jyväskylä (including KSTK), Tampere (TREenit Ry) and Kajaani (Routa Company). In addition to these, Laube-Pohto has participated in David Zambrano's improvisation, Soul Project and Couple Dancing workshops since 2019 until today.