Z-free is Zodiak’s residency concept. Lindon Shimizu and Dasha Lavrennikov will work with their new project Project M while in residence in autumn 2020.

Project M, a shared solos project, proposes experimental encounters between two migratory bodies, through the negotiation of parameters and mechanisms that produce, what we refer to as, “anchor-less belonging”. This is an interdependent environment for the contaminated creative processes of two immigrant artists, as we accompany, refract and care for each other as a method and practice.

"Through research, re-creation and recycling of the material we construct and deconstruct meaning and presence together, by exploring the transversal relationship between feedback, creation and curation.

We use somatic, movement and new media practices as tools for activating collective encounters and incorporating a multidimensional sense of subjectivity. Our research is interested in decolonising anthropocentric perspectives, proposing alternative ways of being together and reimagining possibilities of socio-environmental interlocations."


This Z-free is part of the first GAP LAB collaboration between Zodiak and Globe Art Point.