This senior course instructed by Jenni-Elina Von Bagh focuses on holistic bodily perception through joint task-oriented exercises. The course is organized in two groups with the same content.

In this course we search for connections between sound, expression and movement. We tune ourselves as psychophysical beings towards creativity. We explore the possibility of dance expanding in space as a multifaceted expression. We also prepare small-scale performances for each other and enjoy the event of performing and watching.

* * * * *

Jenni-Elina von Bagh is a Finnish choreographer and performer. Von Bagh has made an international career as a dancer and performer in Finland, Sweden and Central Europe before graduating as a choreographer from the Department of Dance at the University of Theater Academy in Helsinki 2018. She often works in networks of compositional juxtapositions, where body, language, voice and other stage elements resonate with each other. She is interested in challenging the performer's body to encounter new non-human dimensions and exploring the performance as a parallel to, for example, philosophical reflection. Her most recent choreographic works include "Void - A Psychodrama" (Culture Center Caisa, Helsinki, 2021) "A Prologue" (Zodiak- Uuden Tanssin Keskus, 2020), Living Documents, (MDT Stockholm/ Image Tanz, Vienna 2019), "Posthuman days" (Zodiak, 2018). In the years 2020-2022, von Bagh will work with the support of a three-year working grant from the Center for the Promotion of the Arts.