In the senior course of choreographer and dance artist Virva Talonen, we focus on dance emerging from the body and navigate between the internal and external worlds.



This senior course is divided into two groups with the same content: Group A at 10.00-11.30 and Group B at 11.45-13.15.

On this course motions, sensory experiences, and imagination generate movement that is also influenced by the surrounding space, fellow dancers, and various temporal elements such as rhythm, melody, and pulse. We all carry unique pathways in our bodies that move between the internal and external worlds. Our movement leaves visible traces in the air, on the floor and walls, in our hearts, spine, brain, skin, and to other dancers. Dance is a form of play, a journey between different realities. 

The course sessions begin with exercises that emphasize body alignment, strength, and flexibility. We then progress towards improvisation exercises during which participants work individually with their own movement patterns. We also engage in group movement exercises that highlight the dance and movement generated through interaction. Thus, the dance classes are structured around various exercises that can be approached in multiple ways, taking into consideration each participant's starting point. Prior dance experience is not required for participation. The course can be held both in Finnish and English if necessary.

On the autumn 2023 Virva Talonen´s piece PLAY is performed at Zodiak. More info on the piece here:


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Dance artist Virva Talonen works as an independent choreographer, performer, and writer. Her artistic work currently focuses on the conflict between the fragility and strength of human existence and the resulting condition. Virva’s choreographies explore corporeal movement, act of touch, and writing. Her works have addressed the themes of age, incompleteness, kinship, fear and empathy, and home. Virva’s most recent work IHONA – As a Skin (2021) delved into the concept of skin.

Virva's works have premiered at Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, Barker Theatre, Routa Company, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, and various festivals in Finland. She has also worked in Japan, Palestine, South-Africa, and Scotland. Virva works for, an online magazine focusing on Finnish dance art. She received an artist grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) for 2020–2023.