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TALK is Zodiak Center for New Dance´s workshop methop, that is invented for teaching languages. The workshops are thought by a dance artist together with the language teacher. The workshops offer functional, movement based ways of learning languages. 

TALK workshops are suitable for all levels of education and age groups, and also for example for immigrant's Finnish lessons. We offer workshops in seven different languages. Zodiak offers TALK-workshops and teacher training for schools. 

The workshops have been born as part of Zodiak´s outreach. They are based on Zodiak’s kinesthetic language workshops that were organized in 2007. In 2012, Zodiak received the Vuoden kieliteko award presented annually by the Finnish Language Teachers’ Association and the Otavan kirjasäätiö Foundation for its creative method for developing language skills among young people.

In the years 2013-2016 thirteen different schools in Helsinki, Turku and Ypäjä have participated in the three-year TALK – taidetta ja liikettä kielten opetukseen -project, where dance artists have conducted functional, movement based language classes regularly. 


The rap on is written on the German class after the children have studied introducing themselves, numbers and asking "how are you". The students thought about frases that they had learned previously and said them out load. The rap was written together with the instructor. The students thought how to demonstrate the frases and numbers with movements.


TALK participated in Tekemällä oppii -seminar witch was organized in February 2014. Zodiak organizes TALK workshops and teacher trainings (seminars, VESO etc.) in seven different languages.