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"Excellent training! TALK-training was very useful for my work. I liked that we started with action, and then in the end there was a lecture. So the functionality was the priority, like I have wished many times. " (Teacher feedback, TALK, 2016)

"Compelling and fun! One can notice the strong effect of learning by doing!" (Teacher feedback, 2016) 


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Katja Kirsi


Order a TALK-training


The training is meant for:

  • teachers of different languages
  • Finnish as a second language teachers
  • preparatory class teachers
  • native language teachers
  • special group teachers
  • language teacher's supplementory training

The aim of the training is to introduce the language teachers to functional ways to learn the language. In the workshops the participants get to try language learning based on the movement. We approach the language with all the senses and games and plays, so the atmosphere is relaxed, funny and good for learning. With the language workshops one can learn new grammar rules or review the old skills. They are also suitable for practicing pronounciation and listening comprehension and activating and motivating the students. 

The training can be arranged at the school or in Zodiak’s space in Helsinki. For the training it is necessary to have a space where one can move and where there is a possibility to use video projector. The participants need clothes that they feel easy to move with.

The training will be held by Zodiak’s outreach and education manager Katja Kirsi and the dance artists who work in TALK.


The training can be tailored due to your needs. There has been trainings from two hours until a couple of days.

  • from 80e/hour
  • outside of Helsinki Metropolitan area, there will be also travel and daily allowense expenses and accommodation expense if needed
  • Ask more and order: Katja Kirsi,, 050343930