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"You see joy and delight on the faces of students who are indifferent to traditional teaching." (Teacher feedback, TALK, 2014) 

"The activities knit the group together very tightly." (Teacher feedback, TALK, 2014) 


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Katja Kirsi

050 343 930

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Wellcome to the fuctional language classes!

The aim of the training is to introduce the language teachers to functional ways to learn the language. In the workshops the participants get to try language learning based on the movement. 

We offer workshops in:

  • Finnish as a second language (S2-groups and preparative classes and for immigrants from all ages)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • English

 With TALK-method one can:

  • learn new grammar rules or refresh old skills
  • practise pronunciation and listening comprehension
  • activate the students to work in groups and alone
  • motivate and awaken students interest on the language and culture
  • mix learning languages and sports

In the workshop we can practice greetings, introducing oneself, prepositions, conjugation of verbs, forming questions, word order and numerals on each one’s respective level. Movement based exercises are suitable for learning a lot of different kinds of vocabularies and they help with producing text. In the workshop we can either refresh group’s old skills or learn something new.


TALK-workshops have a multisensory approach, witch helps to learn and understand the stucture of the language and encourages to use it. With movement the classes become dynamic and variable. The workshops are suitable for all learning types.

Language teachers can later use the workshop’s exercises in their own work, to enrich their teaching or to develop the exercises suitable for the class room.

The workshops support the group feeling and help to improve interaction skills and creativity.

The specific content of the workshop is agreed when one signs up.

The workshops are instructed by the dance artists.


The training can be tailored due to your needs. There has been trainings from two hours until a couple of days.

  • from 80e/hour
  • outside of Helsinki Metropolitan area, there will be also travel and daily allowense expenses and accommodation expense if needed

Ask more and order: Katja Kirsi,, 050343930


On the German class the children draw first sad, happy and very happy faces for the balloons. They had to keep the balloons in the air and when touching them say the expression that the balloon has in German.


Five graders practice English prepositions with simple movements.