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Regional Center

Regional center for dance in Helsinki

Zodiak - Center for New Dance functions as a regional center for dance in Helsinki. The national network of regional centers also includes the Regional dance center in Northern Finland, Central Finland regional dance center, Regional dance center Kuopio, and Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland.

The national network of Regional Centers for Dance in Finland was established in two stages, starting in 2004. The centers were appointed by the Ministry of Education in Finland. The Ministry of Education is committed to fund this national network of Regional Centers for Dance until 2009, when the activities of this launching period will be estimated both in quantity and quality. The Ministry of Education considered important in the decision-making for the network the fact that these centers are located in places which also have other activities of this field besides the actual performances. Other selection criteria included already existing field-related activities, expressive and high-level professionalism and the nation-wide character of the overall activities. The funding of these Regional Centers consists of state support, regional and local level support and the profit gained from the activities of the centers.

The goals for regional centers include:

  • To socially and regionally promote the equal availability and reachability of the art- and culture-related services for the dance art in places which already have activities and people involved.
  • To increase the working possibilities of dance artists in their own artistic field.
  • To increase co-operation and support professionalism.

Website of the Network of Regional centers for dance