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Spaces and technical info

Zodiak is located at the Cable Factory. The premises of an old factory were converted in 1991 into a fully independent cultural center aimed at providing an area of artistic diversity. The Cable Factory is located near the city center of Helsinki, by the seashore.

Since 1997, Zodiak has operated its own theatre space and rehearsal studios at the Cable Factory.

Zodiak stage

Zodiak stage is a black-box theatre with floor space of approx. 200 m2. The space is very versatile: a variety of custom stage and seating configurations are possible.

Floor plan: zodiak_studio_stage.pdf
Cross section of the stage: zodiak_stage_section_.pdf
Zodiak equipment list: zodiak_equipment_list_10_2019.pdf


Studio C4

Zodiak's studio C4 is a rehearsal studio (170 m2). It can be used for rehearsals and workshops as well as small-scale performances, installations, lectures and events. Studio C4 is located at staircase C, fourth floor.

Studio C4 floor plan


Studio B2

Smaller rehearsal studio (95 m2) is located at staircase B, second floor.

B2 floor plan: zodiak_studio_b2.pdf

Studio B2