Finland’s national network of regional dance centres was established in 2004. Zodiak has been the regional dance centre of the capital region since the beginning.

Zodiak’s activities align with the goals and tasks assigned to the regional dance centres in 2004. For Zodiak, regional dance centre funding is an opportunity for developing and extending its activities.

As a regional dance centre, Zodiak focuses on:

  • Its core mission: co-producing and staging Finnish contemporary dance performances.
  • Improving and developing audience work.
  • Providing work opportunities for artists who work with contemporary dance, especially through two previous items.
  • Improving the knowledge and understanding of contemporary dance and making it more attractive by developing and identifying new content, new production methods and new audiences.

Zodiak’s audience work, including our extensive course and workshop activities, is primarily made possible by the regional centre funding. Moreover, Zodiak’s premieres and guest performances include collaborations between the regional centres. More information about our activities is available in our annual reports.

Network of Finnish Regional Dance Centres

In addition to Zodiak, the national network of regional dance centres has six other members:

  • Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland (Turku)
  • Central Finland Regional Dance Center (Tampere)
  • Keski-Suomen Tanssin Keskus (Jyväskylä)
  • Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland (Kuopio)
  • Ostrobothnian Regional Dance Centre (Vaasa)
  • Northern Regional Dance Centre (Oulu/Kajaani/Rovaniemi)

The national network of regional dance centres is the biggest employer of the freelance dance field in Finland and an important contributor in the accessibility and availability of dance-based art in Finland. The network is also a pioneer and developer of applied dance, cultural wellbeing, audience work and community-based dance initiatives in Finland.

In addition to collaboration projects and cultural-political advocacy, important areas of focus of the near future are communication, artistic work and development of resources and competence within the field of contemporary dance. The network also arranges the annual Kiertoliike forum for dance professionals, in collaboration with Dance House Helsinki.

The regional dance centres published a joint strategy in May 2018.