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Zodiak Studio C4
Zodiak Studio C4

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Zodiak’s programme is artistically curated. The work of the curators and the programme selections are primarily based on an open call for applications, but some productions will also emerge through collaboration projects and from other sources. We are now…
Photo: Satbir Singh / Kylässä koillisessa – kiertomatka pihoilta poluille (HKT)
Paikallismaisemia Art Festival invites audience to look at everyday landscapes from a different angle.
Photo: Sinem Kayacan
Zodiak has recruited Sinem Kayacan as visual marketing producer, starting from Sep 1st, 2020. The new position was filled through an open, anonymous call, running in June and July.
LOOKING FOR YOUNG DANCERS! Tanssivintti and Zodiak are for the first time putting together a year-long programme for a youth group.