Olet täällä

Daily Programme

FRIDAY 30.8.                                           

12:00–15:30  Kiasma Foyer                      
ADiE Info Desk

15:30–16:30  Kiasma Theatre                       
Plenary Session: Professor Vida Midgelow

17:30–18:30  Zodiak Foyer                      
Salad Buffet and Wine

18:30–19:30  Zodiak Stage                      
Maija Hirvanen: Art and Love


SATURDAY 31.8.                                                           

9:30–10:00    Zodiak Foyer                      
Morning Coffee

10:00–10:30  Zodiak Foyer                      
Welcome and Introduction to the Artist-Researchers’ Manifestos and to Artistic Research
Jane Bacon and Leena Rouhiainen

10:30–11:15  Zodiak Valssaamo                         
Facilitating Future Doctorates - an Interactive Installation

11:15–12:15  Zodiak Stage                      
After an era of shouting, there will be an era of listening.
Tuomas Laitinen

12:15–12:30  Zodiak Stage                      
Post Talk

12:30–13:30  Zodiak Foyer                      

13:30–14:00  Zodiak Valssaamo               
Rach Does Dancing - A solo performative lecture, disguised as a dance performance.
Rachel Krische

14:00–14:15  Zodiak Valssaamo                
Post Talk

14:15–15:15  Zodiak Valssaamo               
What did my PhD 'do'?:  The impact of doctoral research
Vida Midgelow

15:15–15:45  Zodiak Foyer                      
Coffee Break

15:45–16:45  Zodiak Stage                      
The Body, Desire for a Manifesto underneath the Skin
Anne Juren

16:45–17:00  Zodiak Stage                      
Post Talk

17:00–18:00  Zodiak Stage                      
Threading Futures and Manifestos Together - Panel Discussion
Vida Midgelow, Juliette Mapp, Ari Tenhula, Facilitated by Jonna Strandberg and Katja Kirsi

18:00–18:30  Zodiak Valssaamo
Threading Futures and Manifestos Together & Toast
Leena Rouhiainen and Kirsi Heimonen

21:00  Cirko                              
Party with Performing Hel in Circo