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Kuva: Janina Rajakangas

3.11.2018 15:00 - 18:00 4.11.2018 12:00 - 15:00 5.11.2018 17:00 - 20:00

Kurssiarkisto 2018 Starting the Piece with an Audience

Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan will be opening the doors to their first meeting to start making Over Your Fucking Body for Moving in November festival 2019. Those who want an insight to their working methods and to be involved in the beginning of their process should join them for 3 days in November.  The last day of the meeting will be open to the festival crowd.

"We want to be making this piece with the audience present from the start. Instead of a duet, the idea is to make a trio, where audience takes the place of the third performer. We will reveal our thoughts on how to approach the piece to each other and offer exercises and research methods in the presence of everyone wanting to take part. Together and with audience participation, we will be looking into the problems proposed by the piece: How understand the audience as one part of a trio and still respect the audience as a diverse presence of individuals? How do individuals form a collective called an audience?"

“We are using the triangle of us and the audience to create possibilities of sharing intimate reactions. The sharing of the opening of the rehearsal period will be uncomfortable and brave, it will be a generous gesture and an ask for a helping hand.”

Lauantai-maanantai 3.-5.11.
lauantaina klo 15-18, sunnuntaina klo 12-15, maanantaina klo 17-20
Ohjaajat: Neil Callaghan ja Janina Rajakangas
Paikka: Zodiak C4 (3.-4.11.) + Taidehalli (5.11.)
Kesto: 9h
Kurssimaksu: 85 euroa
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Neil Callaghan has been making work with various constellations of people since 2002. His research relates to how we inhabit our bodies, communities and environments. These fascinations inform all of his collaborations as a dance maker, performer and director. Often he is working outside in specific sites, using performance to subtly alter the audiences sensation and perception of space.

As a performer he has worked with, amongst others, Meg Stuart, Doris Ulrich, Lea Anderson, Charlie Morrissey and Nicola Conibere. He is in an ongoing partnership with Simone Kenyon with whom he has been working with since 2005. Their work has recently been shown at the Hepworth, Haywood gallery, Lilian Baylis Theatre Sadlers Wells and Fierce Festival, amongst others. Neil teaches regularly for professionals and those curious about the body. He regularly works for the National Youth Theatre (UK) and has recently been teaching at the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland.

Janina Rajakangas’ work is about the intelligence of the dancer in the embodiment of anything from objects to emotional states. It is also about the detail in which the embodiment is presented to the audience and the precision of communication. Janina is based in Helsinki and London. During recent years, she has had support in the form of commissions, residencies and rehearsal space from Kiasma Theatre (FIN), Kedja, The Place (UK), Dansarena Nord (NO) and O Espaco Do Tempo (PT). Her work has been co-produced by Zodiak, Centre for new dance in Helsinki and the National Dance Network in Finland. Janina also works as a moderator, performer, teacher and movement director. Her latest directed works are Teen (2017) and Dinosaur (2015). As a performer she has worked for among others: Robert Clark, Frauke Requardt and Iztok Kovac. In 2018 Janina works on an Artist Grant from Arts Promotion Centre, Finland.

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Lisätiedot ja tiedustelut: Elina Ruoho-Kurola, elina.ruoho-kurola@zodiak.fi, p. 050 587 0470 (arkisin klo 11-16)