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Kuvat: Moncef Henaien

11.6.2018 - 13.6.2018

Kurssiarkisto 2018 Viktor Fröjd: Var Dag Improvisations


The workshop is based on the methods that were used in the working process of the improvisational performance Var dag (“Every day”). The intention is to make us listen to ourself, each other and the situation. To make us aware of the impulses that come to us and to follow these “honest” impulses. Instead of methods we use the term preparations. Preparations to open up for listening, communication and for the lust of moving and being. Preparations for the redefined cypher/session which will also be the ending of the workshops.

”As a teacher, I try to use the whole spectrum of practice and discipline, social dancing, individual training and freedom with an overall positive and motivating learning environment. The most important thing for me is that the students learn to enjoy themselves and appreciate their dance.”


Maanantai-keskiviikko 11.-13.6. klo 17-20

Ohjaaja: Viktor Fröjd
Paikka: Zodiak studio C4
Kesto: 9 h
Kurssimaksu: 140 euroa
HUOM! Ilmoittautumisaikaa jatkette 25.5. asti!

Viktor Fröjd is a dance artist based in Malmö, Sweden since 2016. Educated in the 1-year street dance education at Åsa Folkhögskola and studied in the Bachelor programme in dance pedagogics majoring street at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. He found dance through music and values the connection between music and movement and the connection between people. His foundation is based on freestyle using movement technics of hip hop and house. Jamming, clubbing and battles have been a big part of the journey to understand the culture, to challenge and to express himself.

Viktor would identify himself as a freestyle dancer and most of his artistic processes start from that place. In his works you can find a norm critical approach to the street genres and dance performances in general. In recent years the artistic occupation has been about the concepts of time, beginnings and honesty. In 2017 he choreographed himself and 3 dancers the performance Var dag (Every day) and also toured around southern Sweden with his solo performance Welcome to my house. That same year, Nod premiered at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, a Nordic collaboration between Marika Peura (FIN) and Chriz Nypan (NOR). In 2016 he choreographed and danced in the French-Swedish project La place & Streetstar sessions. Earlier works from Fröjd, that have been presented at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, are Ett slags mellan (A sort of in between) and Tugg. He is also active in the street dance scene as a dancer and organizer of events and battles.

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