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In conversation: David Lakein and Ulla Mäkinen

What's the goal? is a performative interview-discussion match in English between David Lakein and Ulla Mäkinen, in collaboration with audience-participants.Ulla and David spar/dance with each other in and around questions about their respective practices, moving fluidly and clumsily back and forth between the roles of interviewer and interviewee, questioning the approaches, the methods, the motivation of their work.

Zodiak foyer on Thursday 23rd of September from 6 pm to 8 pm. Free admission!

How do they describe and perceive themselves and each other as artists,
improvisors, teachers? What research drives them? Which words inspire
them? How do they perform as teachers, facilitate as performers, teach
as facilitators?

Their aim is to excavate and illuminate the web of connections of the
multiplicitous aspects of their life practices, to search for the core
of it all, and go for the goal.

David Lakein and Ulla Mäkinen are artists, performers, teachers,
facilitators, writers. They met in 2006 and have since participated in
each others workshops, collaborated, performed, interviewed, quoted,
disagreed, taught and learnt with each other, as well as had several
coffees and discodances in different corners of the world.

David Lakein (Chicago/Berlin) studied philosophy & literature, and
acting & directing in the United States, trained as a dancer,
choreographer and performer in Berlin and at the School of New Dance
Development in Amsterdam, and this year received his Masters of Fine
Arts at The School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Ulla Mäkinen (Helsinki) studied dance in Outokumpu and later in
the University of Music and Performing arts Frankfurt a.M., and last
year received her Masters of Arts in the MA of Contemporary Dance
Pedagogy in Frankfurt a.M.