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Side Step Festival


A circle of vital experiences

This year Side Step gathers to Helsinki six performances from six artistic teams, whose multidimensional works evoke smoldering urges in the present moment.

This year’s festival features works through which one cannot swiftly travel towards forgetting them. Performances, that stop everything and insist immersing from their viewer. These are political demands in present time, when populism-driven culture slips increasingly towards outright simplifications.

Side Step has for long been attracted by shocks, but this time the festival wants to think by other means; by responding to humanity’s yearning need to assemble. The festival outlines dance that renews its own shape and its formal possibilities.

The works are saturated in their effectiveness. These experiences give rise to broader strong reactions to current time and slowly mature from experience to knowledge. With the broken auditorium structures of the pieces, we aim to propose other ways of experiencing and mobilizing in a time, when the deterioration of politics also degrades communities.

The guest choreographers of the 2017 festival are Ian Kaler (AT), Stina Nyberg (SE), Tove Sahlin (SE), Julian Weber (DE), Helgebostad / Wigdel / Berstad (NO) and Rodrigo Sobarzo (CL / NL). In addition to performances, the festival programme features a festival club, artist talks, two lectures, a panel discussion and of course Bar Ihana!

Welcome to the Cable Factory to experience and share current dance art and its proposed amendments to our present timeframe.

Artistic team
Harri Kuorelahti
Niko Hallikainen
Eeva Muilu

Photo: Casper Hedberg / Stina Nyberg: Horrible Mixtures