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Side Step Festival

Long live the anarchy of dance!
20 years of Side Step

Side Step Festival was born in 1996. For the public, Side Step in 2016 is a window into the contemporary international dance and performance supply. The role of Side Step is to reflect what is currently happening in international dance art in relation to our local dance and performance scene. The festival’s intention is to shake our experience of contemporary dance.

Throughout its 20-year history one of the festival’s recurring themes has been the diversity and multiplicity of dance: the entire art form opening up to new aesthetics and ways of working. This year’s festival raises once again several current themes: looking and being under the gaze, capitalism and art, and timely questions about gender, sexuality and carnality.

This year’s festival serves perspectives on the relation between art and commerce. At the same time the artists occupy the ground of exposing intimacy. The Side Step program serves an important route, through which the less-experienced viewers get to grips with the work. The festival pieces open up in exciting and shocking ways on an instant level.

At the same time it has created a warm and open city festival atmosphere, which in addition to performances is amplified by different lectures, discussions and workshops. Without forgetting the festival’s Ihana Bar, where the intense pieces start discussing with each other within the meeting of different viewers. These collisions keep on living and keep you wondering long after the festival’s end.

Welcome aboard!

You can download the festival brochure from the link below: