What is dance/performance all about? To change something in the way the world is perceived, to change our mode of thinking, to challenge conventional ways of being – and to create and explore the new, the different, the other: To go beyond the material reality of what is there, to go beyond the oppressive force of the present, and to reinvent, recreate, recast the very matter of existence.

In the Artistic Research Lab we will approach this issue by entering a field of investigation that is opened up by one of the constitutive elements of Body Weather training practice: the Manipulations. In particular, we will explore the relationship between sensory perception and thinking. What effect does consciously altering one’s physical state and awareness have on one’s way of thinking, and vice versa: How can conscious activity of the mind alter the body’s perception in relation to itself and to others?

The aim of the Lab is to offer space and time for a shared process of collective research and reflection without the pressure to come up with a final result or product.

Body Weather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are not conceived as fixed entities, but just like the weather, constantly changing through an infinite and complex system of processes occurring in- and outside of these bodies.

About the Instructor:

Joa Hug (Berlin) studied History, Political Science and Sociology at the Universities of Freiburg and Oregon/Eugene (US), and Choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Am­ster­dam. He worked as independent dancer with Body Weather Amsterdam a. o. and com­pleted his M. A. on Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (2009). Since 2011 he follows the doctoral artistic research programme at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. His research into the relationship between sensory perception and reflection connects practice-as-research grounded in Body Weather with an investigation into the discourse around epistemological and methodological issues of dance-based artistic research. 

Time: From Monday to Friday  15.–19.10. From 5pm to 8pm in TeaK / Hall 702, Saturday 20.10. From 2pm to 7pm in Zodiak Studio C4, Total 20 h.

In the end of workshop Open Studio on Saturday la 20.10. at 5pm, in Zodiak Studio C4

Course Fee: 80 €

Additional Information: katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi