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Side Step Festival


Reconstructing politics of body

Our bodies are the maps of our entire histories. They are the places we live our lives in. Side Step Festival 2019 challenges our notions of gender, sexuality and identity through performances, discussions, workshops, lectures and special events.

The artistic guests of the 2019 festival are: Mette Ingvartsen, Simone Aughterlony & Hahn Rowe, JULI/JON (Juli Apponen ja Jon R. Skulberg), Samira Elagoz and Sorour Darabi.

The 2019 festival programme features a number of works that open from the personal and the private into the general, even universal. They underline the courage of the individuals and their right to construct, deconstruct and offer alternatives to models of thinking and ways of using power that are based on cultural conventions. They show the individual as fragile and bare, yet simultaneously a strong fighter and a survivor. As something very human and very present.

The works seen at Side Step are situated in the cracks and margins of different cultures, histories, genders and representations of sexuality – in both public and private. They deconstruct and analyse binaries and dichotomies through personal experiences. The historical dimension of the body and the identity is opened through motion, in reflections and outbursts.

The performances push the audience to analyse and deconstruct their preconceptions, mental images and those layers of repeated stories and social norms that each of us uses to look for reaffirmation to one's own existence – our behaviour, values and morality.

In 2019, the festival spreads out at the Cable Factory to both Zodiak Stage and Valssaamo next to it, as well as to Zodiak's lobby between them. We also welcome a new festival venue, the Stoa cultural centre in Itäkeskus, which also has restaurant services available before each performance.

Welcome to explore and experience the diversity of contemporary dance, choreography – and our entire existence!

Harri Kuorelahti
Pia Lindy